Our systematic approach of sustainable sourcing, smooth product flow and time bound delivery adds a great deal of value to your HoReCa Business that in turn positively affects your guest’s experience. Our unique and effective supply chain model is specifically designed to cater to your each and every need with the best in class customer service


Healthy Bottom line

Centriti boosts your Hotel’s efficiency which impacts more than just your bottom line. It expands your profit capacity and saves you a considerable chunk of your income statement.

Our 3Ps (People, Profit and Planet) of Bottom line sustainability help us maintain social, environmental and financial performance efficiency that enables us to provide you with:

  • A wide product coverage and contracts of hotel supplies including F&B and a lot more.
  • Risk management security with loss mitigation as well as indemnification along with thorough transaction procedures and details.
  • Outstanding expertise of our skilled human resource to understand the quality standard requirements at various hotel tiers.

Advanced Operational Performance

We always strive to optimize our supply chain services and controls on various measures to eliminate any unnecessary wastage of your resources, improving your hotel’s productivity and performance.

Better Efficiency

  • We help you predict the seasonal demand and assess the economic order quantity of goods and services along with the order frequency to manage and optimize inventory levels.
  • Strategic contingency planning helps us confront and tackle with changes in the supply chain in real time and adopt innovation across the network to allow uninterrupted product flow and avoid any delay and wastage. 

Better Control

  • Set out clear specifications to the vendors and keep a check on the entire supply chain to ensure quality standards and performance from raw materials to the final production and delivery.
  • Vendors have to go through an in-depth examination process before becoming our supply partners. We carry out thorough and continuous inspections at every level of the supply chain to ensure reliability and integrity of the entire network.
  • We keep a comprehensive track of all agreements and settlements while conducting business with you and provide you with a structured invoice with detailed transaction figures so as to make sure you’re charged the right amount.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

We understand the importance of your guest’s happiness. Therefore, we make it our priority to delight your customers by providing you with the top-notch innovative products and Services. Our vast network of suppliers allows us to bring new and fresh products into the market, so you can keep up with the trends.


  • Spare you the workload of negotiating contracts and managing vendors so that you can put your invaluable time and effort in tending to your guests.
  • Provide you with a large category of latest and standardized products and services tailored to your guest’s needs that help you more than just meet their expectations.
  • HoReCa is a dynamic market segment where innovations and changes in trends constantly take place. Our effective supply chain practices not only allow us to add fresh and innovative products in our catalogue but also deliver them to you in the required time frame.