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Handle your day to day healthcare or hospitality services with these long-lasting and comfortable to wear gloves that come with a unique texture that provides the wearer with a firm grip.

Nitriles Gloves: Protect your staff’s hands against bacteria and other pathogens in the environment as well as chemicals such as cleaning solutions with a fit that conforms to the natural contour of the hands. These gloves are suited for a wide spectrum of uses including food preparation, janitorial and sanitation.

Latex Gloves: Latex is the material of choice for works involving exposure to viruses, solvents and other cancer causing agents. These gloves are made with superior quality and powdered comfort. The textured surface of the gloves and powder ensures a secure grip while the superior elasticity provides exceptional comfort and strength.

Vinyl Gloves: They offer standard protection and hence do not cause any skin allergies or reactions. The shape ensures that you still have maximum range of dexterity with the gloves on. These are food safe, thus suitable for food handling in hotels & kitchens etc.They are effectively able to hold up against punctures and tears.

3 Ply masks

These 3-layered highly protective masks are made from waterproof fabric that help you filter out all pollutants and germs and avoid any kind of liquid particles to get through, averting risk of infection. Disposable face masks with high efficiency filtration layer inside, and a multilayer folding design to spread well on face from nose to lower chin.

Cling films/wraps

Highly stretchable plastic (PVC) films keep the eatables safe from dust and moisture and help preserve the freshness of the food. The elastic quality of the wrap helps keep the items tightly bound. Also, available is Biodegradable version.

Paper containers

These disposable eco-friendly paper containers come with leak proof lids so you don’t have to worry about any spillage and can be used to store different food items. They fit Perfectly inside your fridge too because of their compact size. The writable packaging helps you customize it with your brand logo and description.

Disposable Products

Plastic containers

Make it simple to store food in the fridge or keep dry goods fresh in the pantry.

Aluminium containers

A must have item in the kitchen, provides a complete barrier to light and bacteria and is easy to use and dispose off.

Sandwich boxes

Closes securily and provides a perfect fit for your sandwiches and is easy to store and serve.

Burger box

Protects your burger from any stuffing spillage and keeps its alignment Right .It is very useful in delivering fresh and warm burgers while giving high priority to hygiene.

Meal trays

These trays are of premium quality, very attractive in design, durable and heat proof, making it easy for you to warm your food in oven and serve.

Plastic spoons, forks and knives

Come with a clean and Stylish look that suits a casual as well as a fancy dinner. These are designed so as to bring Elegance and beauty to your restaurant and cafeteria.

Biodegradable Products

Bagasse plates and containers

These are completely safe for your food as well as the environment sugarcane bagasse is easily recyclable and compostable and is 100% microwavable.

Cornstarch cutlery

Bio-based cutlery made with cornstarch, doesn’t contain any harmful Chemicals that could contaminate your food and is Ultra strong and meal elegant.

Wooden cutlery

A beautiful, unique and nature friendly addition to your restaurant for all types of meals. These are made of finest quality wood with the proper finishing that is completely food safe.

Wooden stirrer

Perfect for Hot and Cold beverages, use this stirrer to mix sugar or cream in milk, coffee or tea.

Other Products

Aluminium foils

Keep your food hot and fresh and retain it’s flavour. Aluminium is food safe and act as a barrier to moisture and air and is hygienically safe for wrapping and storing of food products.

Disposable caps

Reduce the chance of falling of hair into food while cooking or serving the elastic property provides a perfect fit around the head and is comfy to be worn over a long period.

Rippled coffee cups

Can be used for drinking hot drinks like coffee and tea .The Riplle material acts as an insulation between hot content and your hand and helps keep the drink warm.

Rice bowl

Preserves the Aroma, taste and warmth of your rice dishes. The box’s durability and tightly closed lid prevents any leakages.

Pasta box

Helps you serve your Pasta in a convenient and stylish way.A perfect item for delivering and serving pasta to your patrons.

Plastic container

Ideal for storing all types of condiments including Chutneys and sauces. The air packed lid avoids any moisturization or leakage.

Paper straws

Have your perfect sip of drink with these straw suitable for all kinds of occasions and parties in your hotel, restaurant or Cafe.

Plastic and Thermocol plates

These plates come with five different compartments for serving variety of food dishes at dinner and lunch and doesn’t let your food get mixed up. These can be easily disposed off after use.