E-Procurement is more than just a web-based buying and selling solution. If managed and executed well, It opens the door for free flow of information between the parties involved. At Centriti, we have a suitable and well-planned e-Procurement model that allows us to streamline all communications regarding business processes and organize interactions such as purchase orders and payment in a transparent and secured manner.


With e-Procurement, you can keep track of all the relevant data you need for decision making process including inventory levels and seasonal demand.

When linked to the supply chain network, e-Procurement’s mechanism lets you monitor and control your costs while assuring high performance with minimum wastage.

How our e-Procurement model can benefit you and ultimately your guests:

  • Shortens transaction cycle:

Virtually handles all purchase requests, bids and payments and eliminates any unwanted activity, simplifying and speeding up the entire supply chain process.


  • Reduces errors:

Online platform automates and streamlines all supply chain activities resulting in zero to none man-made errors including recording of past transactions data.


  • Cost advantage:

The organized procurement system comes with a variety of in-built monitoring tools that let you keep a check on your order-processing expenses and cut down your paperwork costs.


  • Transparency

Electronic procurement makes it easier to create an open system of communication between our clients and us, ensuring conformity to all standardized procedures and ruling out any scope for doubt.