Handle your day to day healthcare or hospitality services with these long-lasting and comfortable to wear gloves that come with a unique texture that provides the wearer with a firm grip.

Nitriles Gloves: Protect your staff’s hands against bacteria and other pathogens in the environment as well as chemicals such as cleaning solutions with a fit that conforms to the natural contour of the hands. These gloves are suited for a wide spectrum of uses including food preparation, janitorial and sanitation.

Latex Gloves: Latex is the material of choice for works involving exposure to viruses, solvents and other cancer causing agents. These gloves are made with superior quality and powdered comfort. The textured surface of the gloves and powder ensures a secure grip while the superior elasticity provides exceptional comfort and strength.

Vinyl Gloves: They offer standard protection and hence do not cause any skin allergies or reactions. The shape ensures that you still have maximum range of dexterity with the gloves on. These are food safe, thus suitable for food handling in hotels & kitchens etc.They are effectively able to hold up against punctures and tears.